We offer valuable services to individuals & organizations looking to align themselves with our mission to educate, elevate, and innovate in the blockchain space


We actively engage in blockchain innovation to support blockchain adoption and evolution

  • Blockchain use case ideation

  • Feasibility studies

  • Proof of Concept development

  • Tokenomic design/analysis 

  • White Paper development/review



We offer blockchain technical and business application training for developers, business managers, executive leaders, and future blockchain innovators to be ready for the workforce

  • For Students -  learn the basics of blockchain technology, applications, and protocols through LAB-facilitated college courses available for both matriculated and non-matriculated students 


  • For Corporates - introduce your managers to blockchain business applications and blockchain's potential to transform your industry vertical through our corporate training workshops


  • For Developers -  break into the blockchain space work with our partner, DApperNetwork, through intensive 1-day intensive programming boot camps  

  • Internships & job opportunities

  • Business partnerships & collaborations

  • Skilled blockchain professional service providers (Legal, Marketing, Advisory, Consulting)

  • Leading academic blockchain research 


Talent & Connections

Through our academic and business partners, we provide networking and matchmaking opportunities for students, executives, enterprises, funds, and the community at large

Community Engagement

From meetups to academic conferences to roadshows, we help organizations gain valuable exposure to the rapidly growing SoCal blockchain community.

  • UCLA Cyber Days - school's first academic blockchain conference, bringing in 2 days of amazing speakers from IBM, CA Senate, Guns N' Roses, EOS, Consensys and more to 400+ attendees


  • Everything Blockchain Tour -  featuring Michael Casey, Chairman of CoinDesk, Chris Cannucciari, Director of "Banking on Bitcoin," & Paul Vigna, Cryptocurrency Reporter for the Wall Street Journal.


  • UCI Women in Blockchain Summit - the West Coast's first Women in Blockchain conference with over 300 attendees from all over the US

  • US/China Global Media Blockchain Summit - building bridges between the US and China and first time to be held in the US